"A few years ago I visited India on one of Robin Ross's Indian experience trips. Though I had not been rapt on India it was an experience I would not have missed it. Robin knows the country so well, she plans the trips to give a real feel for India and I would recommend anyone to experience it with her. As part of our trip we spent a week boating/sailing down the sacred Ganges and camping on sand dunes at night. I would never have done such a thing on my own so it was great to be organised."
Jenny, Havelock North, NZ

Washing in the Ganges © World Expeditions Delhi

Sailing down the Ganges © World Expeditions Delhi

Bathing ghats, Varanasi © World Expeditions Delhi

Red breasted parakee © Robin Ross

Indian erotic statues © Uday Marwah

Bactrian Camel, Nubra Valley © Robin Ross

Indira Devi © Robin Ross

Varanasi/Ganges Sailing

Locally Assisted Varanasi tours, Ganges Sailing, hill stations of Shimla and Mussorie, luxury camping on the Ganges, 3-4 star hotels in Varanasi, the antiquity of the Ganges and Varanasi, river cruises to the ghats.

On Varanasi/Ganges Sailing Locally Assisted tours, you have English speaking, experienced local assistance from our guides where necessary in India, to give you security.

There's no tour leader so you have more freedom, yet you are assisted, to minimise the hassles. From the airport until your departure, assisted support gives you comfort and security yet leaves you free to move at your own pace.

We customise your Varanasi Ganges tour ideas into a workable itinerary.

  • Float down the Ganges to Varanasi.
  • British Raj tour - visit the old summer capital of Shimla.
  • Visit palaces, forts and explore the majestic Moghul history of India
  • Early dawn river trip to the ghats.

If you are unsure about your Varanasi Ganges tour we will help and suggest.

Ask us and we will plan to suit you.  Premium tours 5 star, deluxe tours 3 and 4 star.  We do not handle low cost budget tours. Any India tour can be linked to any other India tour.

Some suggestions:

Varanasi, Hill Stations & Ganges Sailing

18 days -or 19 days with Taj Mahal. 
Only available January.                               
Hotel accommodation.  Luxury camping while on the Ganges.

A winter journey to Shimla & Mussorie in the Himalaya Foothills.   Discover Haridwar where the River Ganges emerges from the Himalaya and enjoy the wonders of the Ganges evening fire ceremony.  Leisurely boat travel down the Ganges from Allahabad to Varanasi evocative of ancient travel in an ancient area.     

Blends well with Wonders of Rajasthan 

Day 1:  Arrive Delhi. 
Day 2: 
Sightseeing tour of Delhi. 
Day 3:  Train to Shimla. 
Day 4:  In Shimla.
Day 5:
  Drive to Mussorie. 
Day 6:  Day in Mussorie.
Day 7:
  Drive to Haridwar/Evening fire ceremony at Ganga Aarti on Har ki Pairi Ghat. 
Day 8:  Morning visit to Wild life sanctuary/Train to Delhi.
Day 9:
In Delhi/Overnight train to Allahabad. 
Day 10:
  Arrive Allahabad/Transfer to Ganges country boats.
Day 11-14:  Float, sail and travel down the Ganges. Some walks to villages, forts and temples.  Camp on the silky sand banks.
Day 15:  Arrive Varanasi. 
Day 16:
  Morning visit to ghats/Varanasi sightseeing/Overnight train to Delhi. 
Day 17:
  Arrive Delhi/Night in hotel. 
Day 18: Trip finishes in Delhi before breakfast. 

Optional extra:
Day 18:
  Travel by road to Agra/Sightseeing Taj Mahal/Agra Fort.
Day 19:  Sightseeing Fatehpur Sikri/Travel back to Delhi by road directly to airport or hotel. 

Varanasi - See It All

A package for any time of the year to Varanasi, train travel, dawn boat ride on River Ganges to the ghats, your selection of sightseeing, walks in Old Varanasi.  Marvel at the antiquity of Varanasi and the River Ganges.

Day 1:  Arrive Delhi. 
Day 2: 
Sightseeing tour of Delhi with overnight train to Varanasi 
Day 3: Arrive Varanasi.  Evening Must Do-Just outside your hotel watch the evening Aarti of Ganga-ji, a spectacular ceremony of remembrance and respect.
Day 4:  Dawn boat ride on River Ganges, Start your Sightseeing to your choice of Manikarnika Ghat, Silk Factory, Aghoracharya Baba Kinaram, House of the Indian warrior Princess, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Bharat Kala Bhavan, The Buddhist Temples in Sarnath, Walk through the narrow twisting lanes of Old Varanasi.
Day 5:
  Continue sightseeing out on a countryside day tour. 
Day 6: Free morning with overnight train to Delhi. 
Day 7:
  Trip finishes in Delhi before breakfast.

Optional extra:
Day 7:
  Travel by road to Agra/Sightseeing Taj Mahal/Agra Fort.
Day 8:  Sightseeing Fatehpur Sikri/Travel back to Delhi by road directly to airport or hotel.